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About Me 

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Since the age of ten I have been playing in tournaments actively and practicing frequently. In 2019 it was getting clear to me that playing the game of Golf on a professional level is my big goal. I was starting to put as much time into playing Golf as I could, and I'm loving every second of it.


With the help of my family, coaches and sponsors I will go to the International​ Junior Golf Academy in Florida for two years starting in August of 2023​.

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My Plan

To achieve my goals I will have to go to the USA where I can play golf every day throughout the whole year and also get a top education. My Family, my Coaches and I are planning and organizing for me to go to a High-School with a Golf Academy in the USA for two years starting in August of 2023.

Doing these two years before college will enable me to train with some of the best coaches in America on a Golf practice facility right next to the school campus. That means I will go to school in the morning and in the afternoon I can go practice my golf with great coaches on a great facility.

I can also play tournaments on the American Junior Golf Tour against some of the best junior golfers in America twice a month. And all of this without a long winter break like we have here in Switzerland.

This will not only prepare me for College it will also make getting a scholarship for College easier. After these two years I will have experience with the American system and I will have played a lot of tournaments in the USA which then gets the attention of the College-Coaches and gives me a better chance to get a good scholarship for College

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