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Next Stop:

Through your support I have been able to actualize part of my plan.

The support by you has been tremendous. In a very short time span we were able to hit the first goal of the crowdfunding and by the end we almost got double of our initial goal together.  Without your support I would not be able to chase my goals and visions, for that I appreciate all of you greatly!

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Special Thanks!

Without the huge support of Bobby Arnold, the CEO of the Arnold & Co. AG who are based in Flüelen canton Uri, my plan of going to the USA would have not been possible. I am immensely grateful!

Unsere Kunden

Coaches at IJGA

After visiting two Academies in February 2023 my family, my coaches and I came to the conclusion that IJGA at Bishop's Gate in Florida is the best place for me to practice and improve my game. With a world-class golf facility, some of the best coaches in America and being offered a good scholarship, it was a very easy choice for us. On top of all that IJGA is partnered with Montverde Academies which is one of the best sports High-Schools in America. More about Montverde Highschool down below. 

Starting in the middle of August 2023 I will attend the IJGA Academy and the Montverde Highschool for two years. The semesters will go from August until May and in the summer break I will be playing tournaments in Europe again. I am extremely excited about this adventure.


Montverde Highschool

For the next two years I will be attending the Montverde Academy. It is ranked #1 for Most Diverse Private High School in Florida by, and listed as the #14 Most Influential Private High School in the US by

With Montverde Academy I will get a good balance between school and Golf, I will also be able to get great Highschool degree which is beneficial for College.

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